Rainbow Dolphin Blanket


I made a few baby gifts every year over the last years. I want to make things that would be used, practical things, as I don’t want to burden my friends with stuff they don’t need or won’t use very often. Sewing and knitting makes it easy to create beautiful and useful clothes and other textile goods. The first gift I made was a very simple baby blanket with fabric I found at a second hand shop. I did not know techniques for making nice bindings on the edges or how to prep the blanket before quilting to prevent it to pull and become misshaped. The finished blanket was nice, though it had character, and it was well received and appreciated.

Two friends of mine got a boy earlier this month and I wanted to make a gift for them. I decided to make another blanket as I had the opportunity to get help from my mum who’s skilled with patchwork and quilting. This time I also made a more advance design with a large scale patchwork on one side.

Patchwork is fun and challenging, as it deals with color and composition, and it can be nerv wrecking to find the right combination of fabrics that will work well together. I started with the rainbow dolphin print and wanted to use it in a interesting and modern way. I combined it with orange and turquoise fabrics in a abstract composition, for a happy and playful look. The back fabric is bright yellow, the same fabric used on the edge binding.

I hope the baby will find the triangles and bold colors interesting to look at, or at least soft to lie on!


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