Knitting on my mind

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For a craft-loving student who’s busy preparing for seminars, hand-ins and presentations, knitting must be the perfect craft. It takes no time to get started, you just pick up your work and begin. You can knit while watching a tv-series, you can knit in a public space or even in bed before going to sleep – no matter how busy I am, I always find a few minutes here and there where I can pull out my knitting and work a few rows.

Lately, knitting have been on my mind a lot, more than usual. I have multiple projects at this moment and several I’d like to start with. About five years ago I bought this rainbow colored yarn in Tallin, I haven’t used it since its a yarn that only works with the right pattern, and I didn’t know which one. Until last week. I was looking through a japanese knitting book I bought several years ago, looking for inspiration. I saw this pattern for mittens with triangles in color work with one strand in multi-color and one in a solid. I immediately though of the Estonian wool and started knitting, and it is absolutely perfect! What’s even better is that I have lots of the yarn left and could make more mittens, or maybe a matching hat or cowl?

Back to What is it with knitting that’s so addictive? Is it that there is a clear start and finish, right and wrong (either it fits or not, looks good or not) unlike most work at school where everything blurs together into a big interesting but challenging mess?

One thing I love with knitting is how a string, the line, slowly turns into a fabric, the surface, that again can be unraveled into it’s original being. Knit and purl = endless opportunities.