Wardrobe Architect 2015


My reason for I starting this blog was to deepen my interest and knowledge in sewing and knitting. So far there has been a lot of knitting but not that much of sewing.

Before I started university I was sewing regularly but now I only use my machines for “chores” like hemming and mending. Not very inspiring. I have projects going but I never find the energy to work with them, as I feel sewing requires more planning, prepping and cleaning than knitting.

Knitting-time equals to tv-series-watching-time for me. I have knitted through a bunch of series. Currently I’m doing my knits and purls in front of  Parks and Recreation and Newsroom. The knitting is, in a way, an excuse. Without it I wouldn’t be able to spend all this time watching tv without feeling bad about it.

I love knitting. But I also love sewing and even though I haven’t gotten that much done in front of the machine I often dream up thing I want to sew. So when I saw Kirsten’s Wardrobe Architect 2015 post at the Coletterie  blog I felt that this might be the challenge I need to get started sewing, but also to get a more critical relation to the decisions I make when planning my craft projects.

Wardrobe Architect was a series of challenges in 2014 to “design and build a thoughtful attire” based on your personal style, needs and preferences. A toolkit for home sewists to create a well functioning and stylish wardrobe. Kirsten’s idea with this years challenge is to not buy any new garment this year, she will either make them herself or buy second hand. I won’t follow this (I don’t buy that much clothing anyways) as I don’t have the time to sew every piece of clothing I might need. But maybe I will think an extra time before investing in something new.

Except that point I will try my best to follow each monthly challenge. And I am planning to set aside a few hours a week for sewing and Wardrobe Architect . The challenge for January “is about finding your core style and picking silhouettes that best suit your body.” and eventually coming up with 20 pattern ideas. I think this will be a fun challenge and I will use it not only to create a fabulous hand made wardrobe but also to go through my stash and make the most of what I already have.


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