Wardrobe Architect: Core Style


The first assignment of Wardrobe Architect is  to define one’s ‘core style’.

I enjoy to wear comfortable, relaxed but still dressy clothes with movement. I like traditionally men’s type of clothing (dress shirt’s, pants, boots and tick sweaters) with a feminine twist, for example a light drapey fabric, a softer colour or a feminine cut. Contrasts in general add interest and I like when there is a play with volume, different textures, old/new, light/heavy, etc.


Function and wearability is also very important for me (I can be quite pragmatic…) and I love big pockets and clothes that allows movement. I don’t like to feel self-conscious about my clothing and I’m not a fan of tops that are tight under the arm or jeans with a low cut that slide down when you squat. I want clothes that are easy and comfortable to wear and makes me feel stylish, cool, confident, interesting, elegant, relaxed and so on and so forth…


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