Black Lace Bra


Clothhabit has started the Watson Sew Along for her new bra pattern this week. I would love to join as the model of the bra is perfect for me – wireless with triangular shaped cups. It looks really comfy.

Mid-autumn I started sewing my first ‘real’ bra with wires, fitted cups and everything. The pattern is ‘Classic full band bra’ by Pin-up Girls and I made it with a black bra kit I from B.Wear. This project was a slow one. I probably did everything wrong twice; I cut on the wrong fabric direction, in the wrong fabric, I sewed together pieces in the wrong way, and so one. Several times I had to put it away for a few weeks to gather new focus and motivation as ripping up stitches in shiny black fabric is not easy or fun. My advice if you are new to lingerie making: don’t choose black fabric!

In order to participate in the Watson Sew Along I told myself I had to finish this one first. And so, this weekend I gathered the strength and did it! It took a couple of hours of concentration and I am really happy with the result! It fits well except for it being a bit snug as I might have pulled the elastic a bit to hard while sewing. I guess that is something you learn from experience.

I definitely want to make another one, I’m not going back to commercial bras (that almost never fit me). The pattern is easy to modify and I want to try to update the model a bit, making it a bit less covering and a bit more modern and cute. But that will be after the Watson Sew Along!


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