Wardrobe Architect: Proportions and Silhouettes

I’m behind already! There has been a lot in school these two last weeks and I had little time to sit down and to put together silhouettes for the forth weeks assignment of Wardrobe Architect. This week was all about proportions and silhouettes which was interesting. It is easy to just think of one piece of clothing (especially while sewing) at the time and not see it as one part of a whole as the overall shape of an outfit is more important than the individual garments. I  feel the happy in silhouettes that are looser over the torso and either tighter over the legs or if they are looser should have a slightly defined waist. The assignment was to make ten different silhouettes, which is a lot! I decided to do four (with the help of polyvore), focusing on shapes for the average temperature of about 8 degrees celsius (not looking at summer months or the coldest part of winter, though it is just a question of layering). These are the silhouettes I came up with: This is my uniform; a well fitting pair of jeans, boots (or sneakers), a loose fitting shirt and a sweater for times when I’m cold. I like this silhouette as it is comfortable and simple to dress up or down depending on the shoes, the material of the shirt or the accessories. The sweater could also be replaced by a blazer for a dressier look. This silhouette is similar to the first but more relaxed, I would love to wear this! The trousers are looser with a lower crouch and rolled up legs for a comfortable everyday outfit. On the top is a soft tee combined with a cropped crew-neck jacket. I am often cold and I love to wear cozy knitted sweaters. I don’t own an aran sweater but I would like to knit a chunky one. Then I would combine it with a straight and slightly longer pencil skirt (with a nice functional pocket!), tights and sneakers. This is also easy to dress up by adding bracelets and changing the sneakers into shoes with more heel. Last silhouette! A straight (or slightly A-line?) dress with generous sleeves and crew-neck combined with a short, collarless jacket and mens style brogues. I really like the pattern and colour of the dress and might make one if I find the right pattern as it would be an awesome everyday dress. Next I will find sewing patterns that corresponds to my silhouettes – were the sewing and the fun really comes in!


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