Wardrobe Architect: Patterns

150129_Patterns2Archer, Linden – Grainline Studio // Wood – Madder, Sue’s Aran Sweater – Blacker Yarns // Clover, Laurel – Colette Patterns // Cascade – Grainline, Rami Blouson – A Kind of Guise

Searching for sewing patterns really makes me eager to sew! I looked for simple patterns that are easy to modify and make multiple versions of. The Archer Shirt can be made in many different kinds of fabric, with or without pockets and sleeves and with different collars. Linden and Laurel is the same. I imagine that Clover will work well in both neutral and patterned fabrics under tunics and thicker sweaters.

I also like Grainline’s new duffel coat pattern; Cascade. Though I want to change it into a bomber jacket like the one from A Kind of Guise – made in Harris Tweed! One can dream…

There two knitted sweaters there as well. Wood, that I’m knitting on at the moment and Sue’s Aran Sweater warm and with gorgeous cables. They have shapes and details I like and they will look great together with the other patterns.

I guess next step is to go though my wardrobe and fabric stash, it will feel great to continue doing things, not just planning and dreaming!


4 thoughts on “Wardrobe Architect: Patterns

  1. Najah says:

    There’s a classic shirt in my pattern queue, too! I’m looking forward to finally perfecting the fit and sewing up them up in interesting prints. Good luck with the challenge. The process has been great for me so far.


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