Lavendel Sachets

150218_5150218_4150218_2 Last week I went through my wardrobe as part of the Wardrobe Architect Challenge by Coletterie. I sorted out garments I don’t wear often, garments that needs mending and garments that I don’t like for various reasons. I don’t think I own that much clothes but it is still nice to go through what I have and afterwards put things back in neat piles (my wardrobe tends to get messy…).

I have never had problem with vermin among my clothes or yarn but recently I’ve been thinking, what if? Unwanted guests among my hand knits, yarn or fabrics would be a nightmare. The hosts of the knitting podcasts Voolenvine and A Homespun House frequently knit small lavendel sachets in the shape of small birds from a pattern called Bluebird of Happiness. This inspired me to make my own, though not by knitting them. 150218_1 Purl Bee have a great little tutorial for making lavender sachets from fabric leftovers. Simple squares of fabric, sewn together and filled with dried lavender. Sometimes the simplest can be the most beautiful. And it is nice to mix up more complex bra making projects with fast and easy projects. I happened to have pieces of Liberty fabric from years ago when I made a dress for my high school graduation. The fabric is very pretty, red pansies on a cream-coloured background. The back of the sachets are made from a linen-cotton mix. I made two, one for my knitted sweaters and one for my yarn basket. Both smell lovely now and will hopefully scare off any fiber-eating visitor. I still have lavender to fill one or two sachets and will probably make some more…


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