Knitting with my Handspun!


This week I finally finished spinning for the Yarngasm Podcast D-SPAKAL – yay! Spinning 400 meters with a drop spindle, constantly experimenting the amount of twist, fiber and way of drafting have taught me a lot. And knitting with the finished, washed yarn feels so special.


The yarn is very fluffy and springy and the fabric it knits up to has lots of character. The goal with the D-SPAKAL was to make a shawl or other neck warmer from the spun fiber. I decided on a cowl because I never made one before, except smaller, collar-like ones. I thought the rustic feel of the yarn would look good in a fabric with characteristics similar to the shawls of Shetland and I decided on making the cowl entirely in the Old Shale stitch pattern. The cowl will be long enough to wrap two laps around my neck and I think it will be super warm! I just hope the yarn will be enough…

140306-5 140306-6

I have also knitted socks, trying to incorporate a new element each time. I realized on the first pair of socks how hard it is for me to follow a sock pattern, socks are such a personal thing and I guess every knitter have their preferred way of doing things.

The first pair of socks I made using West Yorkshire Spinners Signature 4 ply in the colourway Chili, it contains 35% BLF, 40% other wool and 25% nylon. I started by following a pattern called Cakewalk Socks by Knitting Pirate. It is a simple sock made top down with a heel flap. I really liked the twisted rib and I think I will continue using it for future socks. What I wasn’t as keen on was the stitch pattern for the foot, a k3xp1 rib. I really like the simplicity of it but it didn’t work that well with the yarn I though. In the end I chose to do a 2×2 rib with a braid every sixth row. I also made a reinforced heel-flap with the Eye of Partridge stitch, it added a very beautiful detail to the socks.


The second socks are made from  a self striping yarn that was on discount in my local yarn shop and though it would be perfect for trying out the afterthought heel which I never done before. The yarn is called Heart and Sole by Sirdar yarns with a four stripe repeat in blue, purple and pinks. This was a very nice knit, super simple and easy and I looked forward seeing the colours change.

Next technique I’ll try out will be the Fish Lips Kiss heel!


2 thoughts on “Knitting with my Handspun!

  1. Vicky says:

    Your handspun looks beautiful!
    Definitely try the Fish Lips Kiss Heel, and don’t be put off by the lengthy pattern… the actual instructions are short, but hidden in there. The heel is very easy to do and you’ll have it memorized after a pair or two.


    • Ida says:

      Thank you! I’m looking forward trying my grandmothers old wheel this summer, I have some BFL i’m saving for the occasion 🙂
      I’ve heard about the long pattern instructions for the Kiss lips heel.. It will be fun to try!


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